All band saw machines are used for straight or shaped sawing of various materials: wood, metal, plastic. The main advantage of the equipment is the possibility of «clean» cutting of parts, including high (up to 200 mm and more). It is also possible to work with small pieces (for example, figured sawing).
Today, band sawing machines are widely used in furniture production, locksmith’s shops, construction works. They will easily cut the beams, boards, sheet materials and other blanks from wood and metal. Depending on the material being processed, the cutting part of the band saw is changing — special saw blades are installed.
There are vertical and horizontal band saws. The whole design consists of two pulleys and a drive. The tape is put on pulleys. One of them serves as a flywheel. The position of the second pulley is adjusted by tensioning devices. For the movement of the tape respond guiding devices, which are of two types: roller and sliding.
Important technical specifications
If you want to buy a band saw, pay attention to the depth and width of the cut. These parameters can be 80-360 mm and 230-610 mm respectively.
Adjusting the speed allows you to precisely set the operating modes. The slope of the table makes it possible to cut at an angle.
The light band saw has a motor up to 2 kW, medium and heavy models up to 4 kW and above. They are suitable for continuous operation during the shift. The speed of the web (average 800m / min) affects the productivity of the machine.
Each band saw machine is characterized by the minimum and maximum width of the saw band. It is necessary to have a small stock of canvases, as they are quickly blunted and wear out (especially at high speed).

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